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Meet The Team

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Xaver Wegler


Xaver has an educational background in business and sociology and has worked with community resilience, specifically focused on market based solutions. Xaver has gained in-field experience in Nepal working with disaster-risk management and conducted research on community resistance to land grabbing in Indonesia. He is especially interested in the localization of social change and believes that local communities are the most skilled in finding solutions to the unique social, political and ecological problems they face.


Lasse Staahlnacke


Lasse has experience with market-driven development and entrepreneurship programmes in Rwanda, Uganda and Palestine. He has also founded and managed a small non-profit that empowers at risk youth through the culture of skateboarding in Denmark and South Africa. Lasse possesses a MSc in International Development & Business and has used it as a platform to explore innovative trends and movements within the private sector development nexus. He believes that recipients of AID should be considered much more than ‘beneficiaries’, and is motivated to drive future change on a peer-to-peer basis.


Aurel Groh


Aurel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Sociology from Copenhagen Business School. He has worked with design thinking methods at the Technical University of Delft. Aurel is passionate about the value of combining Human Centered Design methods with social entrepreneurship in an effort to create value

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